INFECTION is a unique mobile escape room mobile game that is housed in a 13’ X 13’ tent. Each team works together to complete tasks, solve clues and puzzles. Your team must race against the clock to stop an outbreak of Mad Cow Disease from spreading.


Earlier today the US Department of Agriculture issued a recall on 7000 lbs. of hamburger that had been distributed to a major nationally recognized fast food franchise. It is suspected that the meat may have been proscessed from cattle that suffered from variant bovine spongiform encephalopathy (vBSE), or “mad cow disease”.

Human consumption of this meat may result in the development of neurological symptoms in a number of effected individuals. Symptoms include ataxia, or difficulty controlling body movements, abnormal gait, speech, and dementia and can take up to 40 years to appear. Symptoms occur when brain cells are being destroyed. The patient’s condition will deteriorate rapidly within weeks, with most people dying within a year. If you suspect that you may have ingested a contaminated burger do not go to the emergency room, but schedule an appointment with your health care professioal for continued observation.


Corporate Team Building
Customer Appreciation
Employee Reward
Trade Shows
Conferences and Meetings
Project Graduation Events
Fundraisers and more…


People per half hour: 4 -6
Power Requirement: 110 outlet
Set Up Time: 30 minutes
Space Required: 13 ′ x 13′

INFECTION is the ultimate mobile entertainment idea for almost any event!

This escape room is Beaumont-based but no need to travel to us, we bring the mystery and excitement to you. It is available, anywhere that we can drive to.